Brock M. Baker :: Taken

Ever since he can remember, the world has been a dark place to Julian. Before the death of his mother, he used to love life, though a cloudy feeling always hung over him. After his mother died, he began seeing familiar faces in the shadows, not knowing why. Upon experimentation, Julian realized he could manipulate more than just people; he could manipulate shadows as well. He scared away most everyone he met, causing him to be relocated to different foster homes several times per year. Eventually, he grew sick of hopping from family to family and finally ran off to live on his own. Ever since, he’s been under the radar… That is, until some kids from Camp Half-Blood managed to find him.

Now that his mother is gone, he’s no longer that sweet little kid. Ten years later, he’s a rebellious, distant, cold teenager who strikes fear into the hearts of his classmates and teachers. His fascination with death and darkness was always of some concern to the people around him. Luckily, he managed to persuade them into leaving him alone. 

  • POSITIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS: clever, insightful, observant
  • NEGATIVE PERSONALTY TRAITS: manipulative, stubborn, secretive
  1. Fear Inducement: Julian can activate this power in the blink of an eye, literally. He hasn’t had much use for this power yet, but has full knowledge of what potential it has. When using fear inducement, his eyes glow a bright metallic silver.
  2. Umbrakinesis: Julian uses this power frequently. He’s nearly mastered the ability. Often times, he gathers enough shadows to form an opaque appendage and move objects at will. (It’s like telekinesis with shadows.)


  • Death of his mother: Julian was only seven years old when his mother was killed in a car accident. At least, that’s what he was told. He’s always had a nagging feeling in the back of his mind that said something was amiss. After her death, he became a very quiet and emotionless person.
  • Life in Camp Half-Blood: A group of demigods and satyrs appeared in his apartment and brought him to the camp against his will. He continually wishes he could return to his home in NYC.
  • The Bonfire Incident: At the very first bonfire he attended, something strange came over him. He and a group of campers got drunk. (Thanks to your friendly neighborhood M!A.) While playing truth or dare, his best friend, Scarlet Jones, was dared to kiss him. So they kissed. Her boyfriend, Robert Sterling, wasn’t exactly too pleased. To this day, Julian still isn’t sure if Rob is mad at him.


  • Scarlet Jones- Julian’s best friend. Period. She was one of the only people who made a real effort to get to know him, not that the others didn’t try. She just happened to be the one who got through to him. He does love her, though he isn’t sure if it’s platonically or romantically.
  • Robert Sterling- There’s not much to say, except that Julian tends to steer clear of Rob. He has nothing against the guy. He just feels that distance would be good after all that had happened in the bonfire incident.
  • Lilac Mayer- Julian’s opinion of her is neither good nor bad. He sees her as a potential friend or ally. He wouldn’t mind getting to know her.
  • Kallistrate Leroy- Though Kalli and Jules are half-siblings through Pluto/Hades, they rarely ever speak to each other. Despite this, they are actually quite similar, and Julian acknowledges this. Since they both need their space, they have a sort of mutual vow of respect and cooperation.