Hey all my little crazy cats.

I know. I’ll be honest. We admins have not been the best, at least if I’m speaking for myself. I’ve neglected this and I’m very very sorry. I think that we all do have incredibly strong characters and a group of fantastic writers. I’d like us to stay together. That being said, Sora and I will revamp the rp later this summer. I’m heading off to Poland but when I come back we’ll revamp everything about the rp. Anyone in the rp already will be able to come back. If you don’t want to, that’s ok, but I love you and the commitment will start towards the end of the summer.

I personally miss rps that last forever and that you know you can always come back to. And I really do have connections to Rob and Rachel that I haven’t been able to find almost anywhere else. So I definitely will be coming back. Not yet- but soon. And we will come back even stronger than before.

I love you all- and take a bit of a break, maybe. If you want to rp you can but for the time being there won’t be much activity on the main and no new apps will be accepted. Give it a month or so, and we’ll begin working again.


I’m incredibly sorry.

I know I said I would take care of this RP, and so far I’ve failed you guys awfully. I have my reasons (such as school, being sick, etc) but they all sound like pitiful excuses and you know I hate them. I really do. They’re, like
So yeah.

But on the bright side - I’m back! I still have to deal with this lovely bitch known as high school, but I’ll try to make some time so I can finish a few bios, their respective graphics, and post it all together.

Just try to be patient with me. I really want us to be back, even better if we can get new people.


shadow-ringleader-kallistrate whispered: Putting Kalli on hiatus. I have a lot of shit going on and you can check her blog to be certain. Jussayin. xoxo

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Anonymous whispered: How is there a Willa Holland fc if she was already a prewritten character? I was going to audition as Abigail Hunter but now I don't want to. You guys seem too unorganized.

Funny how you noticed when there aren’t any links to Katie Gardner’s profile here (: perhaps we should talk about this when you gather the courage to say it out of anonymity?

But really, I didn’t notice until you pointed that out. Now it’s only one admin taking care of this rp all by herself, and it’s not an easy task at hand - I didn’t bother in checking if it was a taken fc and that was wrong and a mistake I did (and now won’t let happen again).

Since I’m doing the graphics now, I’ll do my best to find another fc for Abigail. I really, really didn’t notice. She’s an old character that nobody’s auditioned for yet and I had basically forgotten about her, probably because I didn’t write her bio nor chose Willa to be her fc.

We are unorganized at this very moment indeed, and that why I’m  trying to put some order in here. But who said that was easy? We all have school and lives and other things we have to take care of.

But I’d really appreciate it if you tell me who you are, and we can talk about this the proper way.


A few things I thought would be safe to point out.

Demigod currency ≠ mortal money.  

Most children of Aphrodite (and other gods tbh) come from extremely wealthy families. However, dollars -or any other form of human money- are not interchangeable with drachmae/denarii, that being one of the reasons half-bloods and legacies must earn each coin, get their payment by themselves.

And that’s another friendly reminder.


Jamie Chung :: Taken

Drew Tanaka was not a bitch to be messed with. She was cunning and sarcastic and witty and ruled the camp with an iron fist.  Even if you didn’t like her, you’d end up listening to her in one way or another, because Drew was just that good. She knew everything about everybody. She’d steal your boyfriend and tell everybody your deepest secrets. She’d ruined your life and not feel bad about it. Because it was how she stayed on top. And she sure as hell wasn’t going to go to the bottom anytime soon.

She’s also very much a flirt, and has no problem with sleeping around. Flirting comes natural, and helps that she’s a charmspeaker and has the power of pheromone manipulation. Usually, she’ll just flirt for fun, but sometimes, she does it do take down somebody else.

Even though she’d never admit it to herself- or anybody else- she’ll display random acts of kindness if she feels that they’re deserving of it. If she feels close to somebody, she’ll get protective over them and often jealous if she feels she’s become second best.

And, like all girls, Drew has grown up to be a very insecure girl, and when those insecurities are brought up, she gets incredibly hostile, sometimes even threatening violence via the Ares cabin. This could have to do with the fact that her father, a successful lawyer, had a string of affairs with his secretaries, all beautiful, and all put before her. 

POSITIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS: Confident, witty, independent

NEGATIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS: Cruel, power-hungry, quick to judge


Drew abuses this power, using it to get whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She discovered it at an early age, but couldn’t ever control it until her half-sister, Silena, helped her once she got to camp.

Pheromone Manipulation
: Drew is still struggling to control this, but has a good grasp on it. She doesn’t use it often, claiming that it’s useless unless you’re trying to screw everybody over, but it’s still helpful when it comes to getting what she wants.


Silena’s Death: Drew has never been the one to get attached to anybody. She liked living the gypsy life, coming and going as she pleased. And Silena Beauregaurd knew that. Silena was the only person who truly liked Drew, and found every ounce of good in her.  So when Silena died, Drew was a wreck. She found the only way to help numb the pain was to convince herself that Silena was a traitor.

Losing power: Drew liked being on top. She liked being powerful. So when Piper came to camp, Drew was not happy at all. She knew that Piper could easily knock her to the bottom, and when she did, Drew was back to where she started.


Piper McLean-  Nothing in the world could make Drew believe she was related to Piper in anyway.  Drew knows that Piper’s not fit to be cabin counselor, and she’s bent on getting her spot back one way or another.

Silena Beauregaurd- Drew’s best and only friend. Silena helped teach Drew how to use her charmspeak, and helped Drew deal with everything with her dad. She’ll always respect Silena, even if she doesn’t show it.

Luz Staedler- Luz and Drew cannot stand each other, and will never try. Drew finds the girl immature and completely different from what an Aphrodite child should be.

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We decided to pay y’all a little visit.


Aphrodite and Hera are here to clear a few things up.

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